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This podcast is one you don’t want to miss! We cover life — from parenting to finances and everything in between! Listen in for an honest view of today’s obstacles — even if it is TMI!

About The Creators

Rita Boccuzzi

Rita Boccuzzi


Rita Boccuzzi, also known as Mamma Rita Money, is CEO of Flourish Inc, a Financial Expert, Money Coach and Speaker. She is passionately committed to her mission of guiding and educating one million families around Money to achieve financial peace of mind through Money Education and transformative mindset breakthroughs. She educates people with a holistic and transformational approach connecting them with the purpose of their money and teaching how to protect it.

Jen Lee

Jen Lee


Jen Lee is a debt and credit attorney and founder of Jen Lee Law, Inc., a law firm with offices in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Tracy, California. She is a leading expert on debt, credit, and financial stress, having been featured in Consumer Affairs, US News & World Report, and other national publications. Jen is the creator of several innovative programs to deal with financial stress and rebuilding after financial disaster.

Jen is the co-author of Preventing Credit Card Fraud: A Complete Guide for Everyone from Merchants to Consumers, published by Rowman & Littlefield in March of 2017.

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Recent Episodes

Burnout and Boundaries with Special Guest Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith dives in about what burnout is and how to avoid it by setting boundaries.

Warrior Women with Special Guest Liz Svatek

Season 1, Episode 26 Warrior Women with Special Guest Liz SvatekIt was a party before it even started. Rita and Jen must be the life of the party because Liz was so excited to get to chat with them and be on the podcast. Rita points out a really cool reminder that...

Budding Entrepreneurs with Special Guest Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Rita and Jen welcome Clarissa to the show to talk about her journey to becoming the visionary that leads budding entrepreneurs on the journey to tuning into their vision and helping it blossom.

Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary with Special Guest Carol Feeley

Rita and Jen meet with Carol Feely. A high performance coach who takes your ordinary and turns it into extraordinary.

Carol jumps in the conversation from the start

Postpartum Depression Continued with Special Guest Tanya Newbould

Rita and Jen welcome Tanya Newbould, a resilient woman that has lived through and survived postpartum depression. She shares her story on this episode and how it led her on a life-changing journey…

Postpartum Depression with Special Guest Rebecca Boccuzzi

Trigger warning.

This is a message that is vitally important. So many women are suffering from this and it isn’t talked about enough. The topic on today’s episode is postpartum depression.

Tax Strategies with Special Guest Luba Milgram

Rita and Jen welcome Luba Milgram to the table to discuss tax strategies! Her specialty is for women in entrepreneurial businesses so if that is you, listen up!

Luba starts by breaking down

Nice Girls with Special Guest Dr. Lois Frankel

In this episode, Rita and Jen speak with well-known author Lois Frankel. One of her books is “Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich.” Lois is currently working on a 20th edition of “Nice Girls Don’t Get

Bloom Again with Special Guest Rosetta Henderson

Rita and Jen welcome Rosetta Henderson on TMI Today about philanthropic efforts in your community. The biggest message in this podcast is about helping someone else

Finding Your Voice with Special Guest Dr. Doreen Downing

Rita and Jen have special guest Dr. Doreen Downing on the show today!

Dr. Doreen Downing has her own podcast called “Find Your Voice, Change Your Life.”

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