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Season 1, Episode 8

When to Leave with Special Guest Robyn Ginney

Robyn Ginney specializes in divorce centered around abuse and bad situations. While her career started off in a different direction, she decided she wanted to devote herself to putting away the people that commit domestic violence.

She dives into “how did I get here?” when dealing with domestic violence cases. Isolation and self-doubt are two early indicators that your relationship may not be in a healthy place. The problem is people rarely have a moment to question the behavior in private so it continues to escalate. And most of the time friends miss it because it is natural to pull away some in new relationships.

Don’t miss this podcast for very real look into domestic abuse and how to navigate it.

Maria MastroDiCasa

With more than 15 years of litigation experience, Robyn is a savvy and successful trial attorney specializing in the types of complex, high-conflict divorces where it can appear that progress and resolution are impossible.

Clients often ask if we can handle difficult spouses – spouses who are narcissists or bullies, or those who are mentally unstable, vindictive or irrational. Robyn is deeply passionate about protecting the afraid, the harassed, and the threatened. She focuses on resolving custody issues and financial disputes held hostage by a bullying or irrational ex-spouse.