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Season 1, Episode 19

Bloom Again with Special Guest Rosetta Henderson

Rita and Jen welcome Rosetta Henderson on TMI Today about philanthropic efforts in your community. The biggest message in this podcast is about helping someone else shine other than yourself.

Rosetta grew up in a big family (8 siblings). Her humble upbringing of hand-me-down clothes only, sharing a bedroom, sharing one bathroom, and growing up in a small town lays the foundation for her understanding that while we all start at different places, we all want the same things. And the best part of life is helping others achieve the same dreams that we all have.

The best way to find ourselves is not to look inside of ourselves, but to act outside of us.

——About Rosetta Henderson——

Rosetta is the president of Bloom Again which helps women who have had any type of medical challenge in their lives. She has the opportunity to help women rise. When you look at people that have a medical challenge and are the responsible/head of household, they cannot heal and recover because they are carrying the weight of rent, bills, etc. on their shoulders.