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Season 1, Episode 25

Budding Entrepreneurs with Special Guest Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Rita and Jen welcome Clarissa to the show to talk about her journey to becoming the visionary that leads budding entrepreneurs on the journey to tuning into their vision and helping it blossom. Rita and Clarissa met in another women’s entrepreneur group and immediately connected through a conversation about money, leaving the 9-5 and embarking on their own journey.

Clarissa gets personal and shares her own vision for leaving the corporate 9-5, safety of the 6-figure income, and retirement. Sometimes the naysayer in our own brains is just as loud if not louder than the opinions and judgment of others. We focus on having to stay the course and staying in alignment with what we want and not letting the opinions of others deter us.

Dreams to Destiny. But what is the in-between? Clarissa lives and preaches this model for her own life and clients. She coaches through a small taste of a journal prompt, mindset activity, and conversation about what the how, when, and why needs to happen to go from Dreams to Destiny.

Imagination, visualization, meditation, journaling; do those make you uncomfortable? Have you sat with your eyes closed while being led through these and wondered if anyone else was just sitting there or if they were all getting it and you were the only one? YOU ARE NOT ALONE…. It is so normal and even Rita has experienced this herself. Clarissa dives in to shine the light around just how normal this is. The misconceptions and judgments we hold with these tools. She reminds us how easily sometimes we overcomplicate things.

Clarissa has some amazing tools that Rita and Jen fell in love with. The practical, tangle, and accessible tools to have you reach whatever your goals are are HERE and if you want to know more, you must listen!

——About Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey——

Career Life
Like many 20-somethings out of college in my time, I didn’t have a clear sense of direction for work. I took whatever job I could take to make money. I had a short-lived career in retail management. I learned hospitality and how to interact with customers, provide excellent service, while making sales goals. Those were things I felt naturally good at. In my mid-twenties I decided to pursue something new and get closer to an art career. I went back to school for graphic design. It took awhile to get employed in that field. My in between days were spent in different positions at different companies, but in the end I did it. I had a creative career for just under 10 years as a graphic designer. And I got back to my art. During my graphic design years, I got back into painting and invested in myself to go to artist retreats and get immersed with other artists. What I wished as a child was coming back, and it felt good.

One thing I also noticed throughout all my various jobs was organization dysfunction. I was the person people came to vent and ask for advice. “How do I deal with this person? I don’t know if I’m in the right place.” I got the itch again to reinvent myself and explore the “people” side to business. I went back to school and finished my doctorate in psychology with a focus on organizational development. I took a keen interest in coaching right away. While I was working on my doctorate I also finished a coaching program through CTI (Coaches Training Institute). I found my home in the healthcare industry working with clinicians and teams. I got back to one of the things I love the most, connecting with people and helping them with their goals. Over the years, I have had the opportunity and privilege to support hundreds of individuals and teams with topics like conflict, communication, leadership development, team performance, and self-care.

A Life Imagined
Present day. It is my mission to help women embrace all their talents, skills, and intuition. If they are not living the life they’ve imagined, it’s time to pause and examine why. I am an example of someone who has designed a life imagined. The artist me has been actively painting and exhibiting in Southern California. The coach me has been working with women to help them get focused on creating a life only THEY can imagine. If you’d like to work with me, I would love to connect with you.

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