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Season 1, Episode 24

Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary with Special Guest Carol Feeley

Rita and Jen meet with Carol Feely. A high performance coach who takes your ordinary and turns it into extraordinary. 

Carol jumps in the conversation from the start with excitement around sharing her story. Carol credits finding her courage through the instruction of Toastmasters. She expanded that courage into vision thus creating her company! 

“Work harder on yourself than your job. That is when life gets better!”-Jim Rohn

Jen wastes no time by pointing out the misconceptions about coaching. We touch on the thoughts of “I do not need coaching”. “How does your specialty help the people you help?” There is a big emphasis on our self image and the small daily habits and how they affect our life. Coaching is not a huge undertaking that requires more than small awareness and habits that start in our head first. 

Following the theme of courage, it takes courage to understand that we are not in competition with each other. We focus on what we specialize in and come alongside each other to support. Carol has taken her ten years of knowledge from Toastmasters to help people find that courage and voice through presenting and speaking. 

Who doesn’t love tips? Carol shares some of her main tips which are directed towards; Attitude, fixed habits and conscious mind vs subconscious mindsets. Listen to this quick down and dirty look into high level coaching with Carol to hear the depths of these tips and how to be aware and implement them in your life.

——About Carol Feeley——

The most significant gift I give to the world is my smile and laughter. I received this gift as I watched my Mom demonstrate her laughter and love for people. She loved to talk to everyone.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Like Mom, I have become a people person. I am at my happiest when I am engaging with others. My enthusiasm for life has grabbed the attention of others, especially children! It is this enthusiasm that birthed a career in child development. As a teacher, I enjoyed seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces as they engaged in story-time.

I became known as the cheerleader of the school for the children and staff. It was very natural for me to motivate others.
I taught Pre-Kindergarten for 14 years. During my twelfth year of
teaching, I joined a public speaking and leadership course
called Toastmasters. It was a perfect fit because I had already been taking personal development courses.

After a decade of personal development, I felt compelled to take a turn in my life and reinvented myself. Today, I am an Empowerment Coach.

Throughout my journey, I discovered most people hold back on
themselves, and it doesn’t have to be that way. There is nothing more rewarding than to see my clients empowered to achieve their best life.

My mission in life is for others to say Yes, to a BIGGER life. My unique coaching style enables my clients to gain insight into their biggest passions in life. Come and enjoy the journey. I will lead you to your more significant life.