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Season 1, Episode 26

Warrior Women with Special Guest Liz Svatek

It was a party before it even started. Rita and Jen must be the life of the party because Liz was so excited to get to chat with them and be on the podcast. Rita points out a really cool reminder that life can and should be fun! How are we focusing on not allowing the red wine spill to ruin our days and really leaning into the joys of the life we live? 

Liz has a story that we can all find familiarity in. From feeling miserable at her 9-5 to unhappy with her personal life there are threads each of us can resonate with and find compassion towards her because it feels so familiar. The conversation around how she used those frustrations as fuel for her fire for change is where we start to learn who Liz is and what she provides through Warrior Women; her company. 

Who knew that radical personal responsibility, admitting you are not happy, and expanding ourselves could lead to a top 1% podcast and a 6-figure business? Let’s talk about the how and why… Radical personal responsibility was the first step. How do we see that all of our struggles stem from ourselves? If we continue to think that all our issues stem from outside sources, we lose the ability to make change. When we stop hiding behind excuses and really learn that we are the issue, we also learn the beautiful truth that we are also the solution. 

Rita asks the question about vulnerability and how we are that and a warrior at the same time. Liz really shines a light on how being willing to connect, be vulnerable and share the way we are being radically responsible we are actually the true warriors we are designed to be. Being in our heads, thinking we are alone in our struggles, or judging ourselves are a few key things stopping us from living our best lives. 

There are some major truth bombs and conversation truths being dropped in this vibrant conversation. You just have to listen for yourself. 

——About Liz Svatek——

I help women let go of old programming and embrace the woman who they are BECOMING. The becoming process is a journey back to YOURSELF. One of the most important pieces of that puzzle is healing our trauma. We all have trauma, and through my 12 week program and masterminds, we collectively explore what is stopping us from boldly showing up and moving forward. We begin the process of healing and soon the invisible prison we have been living in starts to fall away. We stop trying to outrun our feelings with “busyness” and breathe into a slower, easier, more peaceful life.

I believe in the power of women coming together in a group setting, holding space for each other, connecting deeply and learning from each other’s wealth of experience. Before engaging in the process I now teach, I had tried every program, read every book, and researched how to change. I have studied personal growth for the last 30 years and I could never make the sustainable change in my life I was looking for. I would always falter, snap back, lose the ground I gained and then beat myself up for it. Then I found MIND MAGIC, tangible tools to make change and the science behind all the personal growth hype.